For authors, reviewers, members of the editorial board, editors of the publishing house and all those who participate in the preparation of materials and publication of the journal “Topical Issues of Philology and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching”, the following standards of publication ethics apply, in the development of which the editorial board of the journal was guided by ethical standards and norms adopted by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) (


Authors’ responsibility

When submitting a manuscript to the editorial office of the journal, the author(s) fills in an application in the specified form, thereby confirming their authorship. The application must include all the co-authors of the work, if any. Each of the co-authors is responsible for the authenticity of the data in the manuscript.

If there has been financial support for the research, this information should be indicated in the text of the manuscript.

The author guarantees that this manuscript has not been previously published and is not currently under consideration in the editorial office of another journal.

The author must provide a high-quality list of references.

In the text of the manuscript, the author must indicate all the sources of information used in the process of writing the manuscript, making the appropriate references in accordance with the requirements of the journal. Plagiarism and any illegal ways to conceal it are unacceptable.

The author should avoid self-plagiarism. References to previously published own research are made accordingly.

When the manuscript is accepted for publication, the copyright for these materials is transferrred to the journal “Topical Issues of Philology and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching”. The author may use the article exclusively for non-commercial purposes.


Reviewers ‘ responsibility

The evaluation of the intellectual content of the manuscript should be objective, regardless of the author’s position on issues of religion, political or other beliefs presented in the work.

When reviewing manuscripts, a necessary condition is the absence of any conflict of interest between the reviewer and the author/authors of the reviewed work, the content of the article or the organization that the author/authors of the work represent.

Reviewers should indicate the absence of references to research relevant to this topic in the manuscript. It is unacceptable to mention previously conducted research without including the authors in the list of references, as well as the inclusion of works in this list without references to them in the text of the manuscript.

All reviews should be confidential.


Editors’ responsibilities

The right to accept or reject the manuscript belongs to the editors of the scientific journal. The manuscript may be rejected at the initial stage, before its review, if the submission conditions that meet the requirements of this journal are violated.

The editors keep the information about the submitted manuscript confidential.

A necessary condition is that there is no conflict of interest between the editors and the author / authors of the manuscript or the organization that the author/authors of the work represent.

Editors should maintain the anonymity of reviewers.

The editors are responsible for the quality of the materials published in the journal and guarantee their compliance with international standards of publication ethics. If errors or violations are found, the editors monitor the corrections or make a retraction of the article.


Conflict of interest

All manuscripts submitted to the journal “Topical Issues of Philology and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching” must undergo an objective and unbiased assessment. The main criterion for publication is the scientific quality of the manuscript.

If there is a possible conflict of interest that may affect the decision to accept the manuscript for publication, it is necessary to notify the editorial board.


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